Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can now be played in VR with Nintendo Labo

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has released the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.1 update, which brings Labo VR to the battlefield. Yes, you can play Smash Ultimate in VR right now. The mode is only available in single-player matches, however.

To play in VR mode, it's as simple as hooking up your Nintendo Switch to your Labo VR Goggles. Then you navigate to the 'Games & More' menu where you'll find a VR toggle in the top right corner.

Nintendo highlights that dozens of stages are supported, which means that a lot of stages probably aren't, considering there are over 100 stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This will be due to a lot of stages presumably not having interesting environments to view in VR.

In the accompanying video, which you can and should check out above, Nintendo appear to be pushing the mode as a way to "Enjoy a front-row seat at CPU bouts", instead of actually pushing the fact that you can play matches in VR too. I'm sure simply looking around the environments while the computer fights itself would wear thin pretty fast. Saying that, you can look around in full 360 degrees in the Pilotwings stage, so I'm all in.

The VR mode will not support local wireless battles or online battles, so this is a strictly single-player experience.

Aside from Labo VR, the Ver. 3.1 update also brings an amiibo journey mode. You choose an amiibo as your Figure Player who will then battle against other players' Figure Players when you are not actively playing. You are able to watch your Figure Player battle and will be rewarded for wins. The amiibo journey seemingly will not simply run in the background while you are playing the game yourself. So it's definitely more of a mode that you leave on to earn you rewards while you pop to the shops.

Figure Players can now also be used in Battle Arenas.

Nintendo isn't giving up on its new VR platform, if anything, they are committing to it in a big way, with Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and now Super Smash Bros. Ultimate all receiving hefty VR updates in the last few months. It's an exciting time for virtual reality.

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