Super Nintendo World is opening soon... in Minecraft

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Super Nintendo World is opening soon... in Minecraft

When Nintendo gave us a brief look inside their new theme park Super Nintendo World back in December, any gamers who didn't have Japan down as a travel destination quickly added it to their lists. Financial cost aside, travelling across the world in the middle of a pandemic is not really possible nor ethical really. Thankfully, one Minecraft user has come up with a way for us all to experience the delights of Super Nintendo World.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, Minecraft user Dippy22 has been busy creating a 1:1 recreation of the upcoming theme park, and the results so far are quite impressive. Check out some of the work so far below.

At the time of writing Dippy22's project is at 45% completion, with the latest update coming on 28 January, adding new screenshots and promising previews on the server soon. If you want to get follow the project or get involved and help, you can join the Discord server.

You might not be able to try out some of the glorious looking food on offer at the real Kinopio's Cafe, but you can still admire a blocky version of it from the safety of your own home. Or you can just walk back and forth through the giant green pipe at the entrance and pretend you're Mario (or if you're cool, Luigi).

This isn't the first time Dippy22 has set their sight on a Nintendo property, with their Nintendo Parks server based on Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda Pokémon still under construction.

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