Super Mario Maker 2 Direct reveals Story Mode, night levels, and more

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed a bunch of new features for Super Mario Maker 2 arriving on Nintendo Switch in late June, along with a couple of other surprise announcements. Prepare to dust off your Mario course making hardhats and get ready to unleash your full creativity.

Co-Op Course Making

Hinted at through the inclusion of Luigi in promotional material, Super Mario Maker 2 will feature local co-op course creation allowing players to double up the wackiness. By playing in docked mode, players can hook up a second Joycon or controller to allow a friend to join in on the fun. Two hardhat covered heads are likely to better than one, after all.

Story Mode

One of the big new features coming to Super Mario Maker 2 is the inclusion of a story mode. Princess Peach's castle is gone and its up to Mario and friends to rebuild it. By completing quests and side quests given by a variety of familiar faces, players will earn coins and learn the ropes of Mario course making through a variety of example courses designed by Nintendo "expert level designers". It's a welcome addition for reluctant players who may feel intimidated by the open-ended nature of Mario Maker.

Classic Mario Level Features

Super Mario Maker 2 introduces a variety of classic Mario course features that were absent in the first game. Slopes are finally here for players to bring to their creations the wonderful satisfaction of sliding through a line of goombas. The Angry Sun is also returning to add a bit of urgency and mayhem, as well as Snake Blocks for a dash of whimsy. On top of that, tools like On/Off Switches, Seesaws, Custom Water Levels and Scrolls, Vertical Courses and others will give creators more options to bring to life is crazier and more inventive courses than ever before. More course themes are also being included, such as desert, snow, forest, and sky. Not enough? Special Clear Conditions can also be set, a feature that will surely spark some sophisticated puzzle-style level design.

Night Courses

If the Angry Sun isn't your thing, Nintendo's got your back. By adding a Moon courses go from day to night, changing a few things in the process. Underground levels turn upside down (Demogorgon not included), snow courses become even more slippery and sky courses gain reduced gravity. Even items, like the red mushroom, can be affected in spooky and dangerous ways.

Super Mario 3D World Style

Ever wanted to style your course like in Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros? Super Mario Maker 2 is bringing the 3D World style to its array of options, Cat Mario included. Aside from their unique aesthetic, this course style brings a slew of its own features. Clear pipes can be drawn and placed in any shape, with enemies being able to make use of them as well. Crates add a player creativity element as Mario will be able to pick them up and toss them in order to make it across wider gaps. Exclamation point marked Warp Boxes add some deviousness to course making allowing creators to transport unsuspecting players to new and potentially perilous locales. These features are just the tip of the 3D World style iceberg. New enemies, block types, and even a speeding car are just a few of the extra additions the course style will be bringing to the fray.

Online Features

It wouldn't be Super Mario Maker without the ability to share creations online. Eager players will be able to filter their searches by course type, style, and difficulty. Network play allows for both competitive and co-op modes where players can join up with strangers as well as friends to tackle the insanest of creations. Endless challenge is like Mario course survival mode. Players will tackle a series of courses, determined by pre-selected criteria, to see how far they can get without failing. Creators will also have their own Maker profile with avatars that are customisable and a Maker score that goes up the more liked their creations are.

Two More Things

Besides the standard edition, Super Mario Maker 2 will be getting a Limited Edition bundle when it launches on June 28th this year. This bundle will come with a 12-month individual membership for Nintendo Switch Online. By pre-ordering this edition, you will also receive a Super Mario Maker 2 themed stylus to make your Mario Making life easier.

Nintendo Switch Online members also get an exclusive offer. Introducing the Nintendo Switch Game Voucher programme, which enables you to buy two games at a reduced price. Vouchers cost £84 and can be redeemed to pre-order and buy any two games on the programmes catalogue on the eShop. The catalogue so far seems to include primarily Nintendo Switch exclusives but with so many costing £50, the discount is quite substantial.

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