Strategy opus Stellaris is coming to consoles in Q1 2019

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Sony PlayStation 4

Paradox have announced that they are bringing their sci-fi opus, Stellaris, to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in Q1 2019. Stellaris: Console Edition is being developed in conjunction with Tantalus Media and will feature the same game that already enthralls PC players along with a selection of DLC that will follow the game post-release.

“Grand Strategy is often considered a niche genre even on the PC, but we believe that while a console audience exists, a game like Stellaris simply hasn’t made it to those platforms yet. With the help of Tantalus’ expertise, we’re happy to take that leap!” said Daniel Moregård, Game Director at Paradox Interactive. “Console players can look forward to the true Grand Strategy experience and continued DLC and support after launch with Stellaris: Console Edition.”

Check out the new gameplay trailer above and the original announcement trailer below.


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