Steve from Minecraft is coming to Smash Bros!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Steve from Minecraft is coming to Smash Bros!

In the most bizarre gaming announcement in a while, Steve from Minecraft is confirmed to be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo announced this new crossover in a short presentation today. Fans were heavily speculating over which character would make it in, but I doubt many people saw this one coming. In fact, Twitter seemed to briefly break when the trailer dropped, perhaps through the sheer magnitude of people reacting to the news.

Steve will come equipped with all kinds of tools to face off against the rest of the roster. It looks like he'll be able to build blocks, craft items, grab people with fishing rods and blow up opponents with TNT. The trailer also showed off a new stage which seems to change layout just like the randomly-generated worlds in Minecraft.

It's not just Steve though - it looks like there are additional skins for the character including Alex, a Zombie and an Enderman.

Sakurai-san, creator of the Smash Bros series, will be giving everyone more information about the character in a special presentation called "Battling with Steve and Alex" on 3rd October.

Steve will be the second character to be added to volume 2 of the Fighters Pass, following Min Min from Arms. With Minecraft now in the game, who knows what else is in store for the remaining characters. It's safe to say there will probably be even more surprises awaiting us.

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