Squinting the Hedgehog: New Sonic hack puts entire stages into a single screen

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Squinting the Hedgehog: New Sonic hack puts entire stages into a single screen

File this under 'impressive, but why would you do this?', a folder that contains such things as getting the original Doom to run on a pregnancy test or releasing Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles. Now you can play entire Sonic stages on a single screen because to hell with your eyes.

This is complicated so allow me to pretend to understand this for your benefit.

Coders from Retro Engine Modding successfully decompiled the source code for the 2013 mobile port of Sonic 1 and 2, which was famously ported by Christian Whitehead, who would go on to develop the acclaimed Sonic Mania. This opens up modders to rebuild those classic games on many platforms, but it also allows the more creative out there to experiment with these classically designed levels.

It is possible to upscale the classic Sega games from 320x224 to 1440p, 4K, to name a few options by tweaking the settings. Doing this, however, does not change the game's vertical resolution which remains locked in at 240 so your games turn into these long, ridiculously narrow lines cutting through a sea of black.

It's clearly not ideal for the essentially linear A to B dash stages, like many early levels. Still, things are far more impressive when they are the vast, multi-levelled labyrinths like Chemical Plant zone in Sonic 2, as you can see below. It showcases how intricately designed these games were and could be a valuable learning tool for prospective platform developers. Also, if you can see Sonic on these maps, you are legally permitted to drive.

To do this for yourself, you will need the Android or iOS editions of Sonic 1 and/or 2.

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