Square Enix make several Final Fantasy VII trademarks

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Square Enix make several Final Fantasy VII trademarks

Square Enix has filed several new trademarks relating to Final Fantasy VII.

As spotted by Final Weapon, these three trademarks were filed in Japan in December of last year. These trademarks are Ever Crisis, The First Soldier, and a visual design for the Shinra Electric Company logo.

'Ever Crisis' refers to their 2004 mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and the 2007 PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a prequel to FFVII, the events and characters of which the Final Fantasy VII Remake reference frequently. This could suggest we are getting a new spin on Crisis Core connected to the revised events of last year's FF7R.

The other two trademarks are more self-explanatory for casual fans. 'The First Soldier' refers to main antagonist Sephiroth, and Shinra is the evil empire of Final Fantasy VII.

The Ever Crisis and First Soldier trademarks do not necessarily mean spin-off games are coming. These could be subtitles for future chapters of Final Fantasy VII Remake, they could just be terms or events contained with the story of those chapters. What it does suggest is that Square Enix is making moves with the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga. As a massive fan of that game (which won our RPG of the Year 2020), this is very good news.

In the meantime, we are still waiting to see Final Fantasy XVI.

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