Space MMO Dual Universe gets a new gameplay trailer

Platforms: PC

Part Elite Dangerous, part No Mans Sky and part Minecraft, Dual Universe has some pretty lofty ambitions and if the new trailer is anything to go by, it looks like it's going to be living up to at least a few of them.

The trailer, entitled This is Dual Universe, touches on Dual Universe's continuous, single-shard universe, which functions entirely differently from other online games that offer instantiated game worlds. Instead, players can share and build with potentially millions of others using an extensive voxel creation system, all at the same time, in one shared universe. The trailer also highlights the game’s exhaustive organization system and robust player-driven economy. “We think this trailer will be a good introduction for players to the core concepts of such an innovative game as Dual Universe,” said CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie.

Following the release of the trailer, Novaquark will be launching the game’s official Twitch channel, which will be a hub for the Dual Universe community and feature exclusive reveals on upcoming gameplay features, interviews with the dev team, AMAs, and much more.

The company’s first livestream will be a Q&A session featuring Jean-Christophe Baillie. In it, Baillie will answer questions regarding the state of the company, the game’s production schedule, community topics, and more. The company has never shied away from answering the community’s hard-hitting questions, and this upcoming live Q&A session will be the third they’ve released so far.

“We started this company with the goal of being community-centered,” said Baillie. “Whether it’s through our AMAs, our roadmap updates, or transparent communication with our players, we're trying to accomplish that to stay true to our original vision for how we wanted our relationship with our community to be like.”

The team is now at a crucial point in the production cycle where they are polishing the game as much as possible before the Beta and NDA lift, both of which are coming later this year.

You can catch the trailer on the game’s official YouTube page, as well as the live Q&A session on their Twitch channel this April 30th at 2pm EST/6PM BST.

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