Sony’s Silent Hill PS5 reboot rumours are said to be “credible” by industry insider

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Sony’s Silent Hill PS5 reboot rumours are said to be “credible” by industry insider

Rumours rumbled earlier in the year that suggested Sony were going to acquire a collection of Konami’s best, most neglected IPs; Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill.

We already saw some of those rumours gain extra credibility with the story that Sony would be getting a Metal Gear Solid remake as a PS5 exclusive.

Now, another part of that rumour has gained some traction, as the idea that Sony will be relaunching Silent Hill is “credible”, according to industry insider Imran Khan.

As part of the Kinda Funny podcast, Khan said there may be credence to this rumour. It starts as a discussion about Hideo Kojima’s new project and that it may be a horror game, Khan said: "If Sony's also making a Silent Hill - which we don't know that they are, those are just rumours - I would assume that Sony's not part of [the Kojima project], if they're making a separate, Silent Hill-like game, but who knows? The industry's been weirder than that."

When asked about the Silent Hill rumour specifically and his thoughts on its veracity, Khan added: "I think the rumours are credible and I know that the people who are rumoured to be involved in Silent Hill are working on something." 

This is likely referring to SID Japan Studio, who were originally linked to the Silent Hill relaunch. Khan stresses that he can’t confirm "for a fact" that those people are working on Silent Hill but can confirm that he's heard persistent rumours that the game will be appearing at an event and the lack of presence so far means "either a bunch of people are being fooled, or it just keeps getting pulled."

As The Game Awards are coming this December, it is possible Sony will finally be ready to announce Silent Hill soon. Or it will get pulled again. Or a bunch of people are being fooled.

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