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Sony EU PSN Password Reset - What Have We Learnt?

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As reported elsewhere and discussed online here and here, Sony seem to have experienced some issues yesterday that led them to force a password reset for all SCEE PSN users. As confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida below on Twitter, this seems to have been quite widespread:


Some of the information trickling out has started to make this all a bit more interesting however - Eurogamer user Oshai was kind enough to post in the comments section here his response from a member of Sony's support staff:

Hi Osahi_be,

We don't make this information public as it could potentially assist people in subverting security measures. I can assure you there was no specific issues with anyone's accounts and if there way you would have been contacted directly. This was done as a precaution.


A precaution to what, one might ask. That's not really been answered in any of the official support forum threads that have been opened on the matter. We can, however, share our own annoying experience...

You see, this has special interest to me because after resetting my password last night and going to bed I was then the victim of card fraud, having my main bank account cleared. I appreciate that the timing of this could be entirely coincidental, but at the moment there would seem to be a strong correlation between having to change my password (on an account with my billing information) due to 'irregular activities' and then having the linked card abused in this way.

We reached out to Sony with this experience and asked for any information that they could share with us regarding why so many passwords were deemed to require a reset. This is what they had to say on the matter:

We monitor PSN accounts for any irregular activity. If such activity is detected we will sometimes reset passwords. This is done purely as a precautionary measure and there is no specific evidence that any accounts have been compromised. Only a small number of users were affected by this.

So, there you go - Sony have stated that there is no big issue, and no link to my debilitating (so close to my birthday! Real tears!) money loss.

Regardless, be vigilant all - if you've had to change your Sony password to log into the PSN over the last day then I'd suggest you check your bank statements very carefully as soon as you can. Let us know if you find anything untoward, and we'll update this news piece if we find any additional information.

Picture credit: Thanks to user gruenel from NeoGAF for posting the @yosp tweet online

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