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Sonic CD on Mobiles and Console

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Today Sega announced that Sonic CD will debut on mobile phones and consoles everywhere.

Sonic CD was first released for the Mega CD (Megadrive add-on) in 1993 and was the third Sonic title after Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2. It introduced us to the characters of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose and is a prequel to the recently released Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (2010). This classic re-release will be available on a myriad of platforms - PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, XBLA, PSN, Android and Windows phone 7.


"Sonic CD sees Dr Eggman plan to cause chaos and take control of the future by stealing Times Stones from the Little Planet. Sonic must speed through levels and travel through time whilst fending off Eggman’s robots to recover the Time Stones, and save Amy Rose from his mechanical twin, Metal Sonic! This fast-paced game will return with brand new features including enhanced widescreen graphics, iOS features, Xbox LIVE Achievements, PSN Trophies, PC Achievements and more."

Expect to see Sonic CD on the afore-mentioned digital platforms in late 2011.

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