So what are the Fortnite rifts all about?

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Now that Fortnite Season Five is here - with the added pleasure of queuing to even load the game right now due to the sheer weight of people playing - we have a better idea of what the rifts are; and what they do.

They spawn seemingly randomly around the map, although at one spot in the new desert biome we managed to find a circle of seven of them and on entering we found ourselves transported to a point roughly above where we were stood with the opportunity to glide away or skydive back down.

Probably a handy mechanic for when you're pinned down in the middle of a firefight, but obviously very limited in use as you'd have to be near a rift in the first place to take advantage.

Of course - there could be more to them as the season progresses, but right now that seems to be it. It's a nice effect, but not one that's going to be dramatically changing gameplay in its current form.

Here's what happened when we entered one of the rifts...

The all-terrain karts on the other hand are great fun and allow you to speed around the map and get away from the storm in particular much more easily. They will be game changers and right now don't appear to be very rare at all with most battlefields ending up with a half a dozen of them abandoned as people run into battle!

And, one final thing - let's just appreciate how nice Dusty Divot is becoming as life returns to the crater...

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