Several Mass Effect veterans return to BioWare for the next game

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Several Mass Effect veterans return to BioWare for the next game

Several key devs from Mass Effect's glory days are returning to BioWare for the next Mass Effect title, as confirmed by a series of tweets from project director Michael Gamble.

The returning names are as follows: Dusty Everman, an original designer for Mass Effect. Derek Watts, who was the original art director of the series. Parrish Ley, the cinematic director on the original trilogy. Brenon Holmes, who has worked on three Mass Effect games and has helped bring many of the gameplay systems to life.

Gamble promised that fans would get to know more of the team as time goes on. This is a wise move as it helps alleviate any concerns about BioWare in the wake of losing two of their most prominent creative figures, with the retirements of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah earlier this month.

A new Mass Effect game was initially teased with the announcement of a remastered re-release of the original trilogy, called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, before a full cinematic trailer closed out this years Game Awards ceremony to confirm the game is in active development. The trailer revealed popular trilogy NPC, Liara, was one of the characters and it strongly hinted that the new game would be a continuation of the Reaper War arc from the original trilogy and abandon the far less well-received Andromeda.

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