SEGA’s Game Gear Micro will be too small with too few games to be worth a purchase…

The trend to release updated miniature versions of classic consoles has seen many arrive with a limited selection of games that either can’t be supplemented or can – but using unofficial methods. That’s not been too much of a problem when we’re talking about tens or dozens of titles – but the newly announced SEGA Game Gear Micro which is heading to Japan initially will ship with just FOUR games. Even worse – there will be more games available for the platform, but only if you buy it in a different colour.

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There will be four Game Gear Micros released each with its own four games – so for the full set of handheld games on offer you’ll end up having to buy every one of the available colours with a total outlay of £200! That’s not a good deal.

And add to that, the console might have the same rough look as the original but it’ll only play host to a 1.15 inch screen – with an separate magnification accessory being made available to enlarge the games to playable sizes.

The Game Gear itself is an overlooked console – having gone head to head with the Nintendo Gameboy and the Atari Lynx it was a great way of playing SEGA exclusives on the go, but this update really doesn’t feel like it offers any good reasons to shell out not-insignificant amounts of cash.

The Game Gear Micro will launch in Japan initially and there will be a Game Gear Micro Multipack that brings together the three consoles along with the magnifier in one package for £160. That feels like a lot of money and a lot of plastic that could have been much more environmentally sound if they’d just released multiple versions each packing all 16 of the games.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 03, 2020

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