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Sega Launches Samurai Bloodshow

Platforms: iPhone | iPad

Today Sega has released its brand new iOS app in the shape of a card based tower defence game available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Samurai Bloodshow will see players defending their generals from opposing marauding forces, all against the backdrop of 12th century feudal Japan.


Across the 100 levels players will to defend their general with the aid ofkatana-wielding warriors, horsemen and sorcerers. If victorious players will be able to gain new cards for their deck which will improve chances of success or you will also be able to purchase from a store within the app. Once those 100 levels are defeated you can also face off against friends, family or strangers online.

Samurai Bloodshow is currently available for a short term low price of £1.49 on the iTunes store.

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