Sea of Thieves Season One sets sail 28th January

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | PC
Sea of Thieves Season One sets sail 28th January

Sea of Thieves has abandoned its monthly updates in favour of new seasonal content updates, and now fans of Rare's chaotic pirate MMO has its official launch date.

The new Seasons structure, which will last three months at a time, would come with new content and a battle pass system (called a Plunder Pass). This will also offer an improved progression system where you can earn rewards and rank up through 100 levels of Pirate Renown by "engaging in all aspects of the pirate's life on the Sea of Thieves."

This suggests that players will be able to level up by foregoing the grind-heavy quests and combat, you can gain Renown by just playing the game in whatever way you see fit. Levelling up by sailing around and having a laugh is ideal as players tend to enjoy that far more than the grind.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and PC, by Game Pass, and it comes highly recommended. Get some friends together, practice your best pirate voice, and get out there for some deranged fun. Just watch out for the giant sharks, they are a real bastard.

Sea of Thieves Season One will begin on 28th January.

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