Science Museum Group Launch New Game Total Darkness

Platforms: PC | Android | iPad | iPhone

Total Darkness is a brand new free game that can be played here. The game tasks players with solving a mysterious power cut in their hometown, as soon as the game begins everything goes out and you are left with nothing but a torch and your wit. How will anyone in the modern age survive without TV or WiFi?

Along your journey you will come across various problems that need to be solved using your own ability to creatively solve problems. The reason that all of this is of note is because it is being put out by the Science Museum Group who hope that the game will help children between 7 and 13 to realise that science is more than just what they learn in school.

Regarding the creation process of a project like this Josh Blair from the Science Museum Group said "We wanted the experience to be relatable for as diverse an audience as possible. Every step was informed by research, with over 100 children play-testing a series of prototypes to help our team refine everything from characters and story to specific mechanics".

The Group have worked with Thought Den in order to create an experience that will help them realise that many of the skills used in gaming are actually of great use in many scientific fields, with the aim being that the players will realise that there may be more for them down a more scientifically focused path.

We think it is important to shine a light on the many projects that show that gaming is so much more than just the negativity portrayed by the mainstream media; efforts like this really help to show that there are plenty of other applications of the interactive medium we all love and it is great to see it in action.

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