Rocksteady confirm Suicide Squad game, tease full reveal

After Rocksteady concluded their acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy, fans have been eager to see what the studio would do next. Rumours emerged of a possible Superman game, or maybe a Justice League game, before finally settling into reports of Rocksteady taking on Suicide Squad.

Finally, after years of waiting, Rocksteady has confirmed their next game will indeed be Suicide Squad with an evocative teaser image on Twitter of Superman in the squad’s crosshairs with 22 August date for a full reveal at DC’s FanDome online event.

Personally, this is a great fit for Rocksteady. Their darker, edgier tone in the Arkham games could perfectly translate into Suicide Squad. Their greatest strength in the Arkham games was in their design and execution of Batman’s iconic rogues gallery, so imagine what they can do with an entire DC universe worth of bad guys? And the prospect of hunting down Superman and other heroes? Take my money now.

We will share all the tantalisingly villainous details when we have them.

andrewshaw andrewshaw

Updated: Aug 07, 2020

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