Ring Fit Adventure is the new Fitness driven game for the Nintendo Switch

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have announced Ring Fit Adventure - their latest move into the gaming fitness space that the dominated with the Wii. Ring Fit Adventure is a combination of a new 'Ring-con' controller and leg strap alongside an adventure game that is designed to target whole-body fitness.

The Ring-con works with your existing Joy-cons meaning that the game will not be compatible with the stock Nintendo Switch Lite - although if you buy additional controllers you'll then be able to use those.

The Joy-cons attach to the ring and are used to track your movements enabling you to carry out activities such as running, yoga and aerobic exercise. The game also features a silent, low impact option for those who want to avoid noisy and joint damaging workouts.

Alongside the game, there are also other fitness modes that allow you to decide the workout you want to do using the games activities.

Ring Fit Adventure is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on 18th October.

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