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Resistance 3 Beta confirmed

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 3


Resistance 3 is one of the year's biggest PS3 exclusives and is set to land on doorsteps and shelves alike here in the UK on September 9th (6th in the US). While we wait though for a lucky few (well more than a few), there will be a multiplayer beta during the month of August.

If you purchased specially marked version of SOCOM for the PS3 then you get the best deal, and will have access from August 4th. PS+ subscribers will get the beta on August 23rd.

Don't be sad if you don't fit either of these criteria, Insomniac are giving away beta keys via facebook and twitter.!/insomniacgames

The beta contains two multiplayer modes (Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction) and features two of the game’s main maps (the Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales, and a Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia). You can do everything in the beta ranging from buying upgrades and abilities to customizing your character, and you will have all the way up to level 20 to do so.

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