Resident Evil 7 now the best selling game in the series

Resident Evil 7 is now the best selling Resident Evil game ever. The switch to first-person and the addition of VR were just two changes to the survival-horror franchise that had grown stale after the fourth instalment. Updated sales figures from Capcom and picked up by PC Gamer, have confirmed that the seventh instalment had passed 7.9 million units (at the end of June 2020), surpassing the 7.7m total achieved by Resident Evil 5.

It’s unlikely to pass the best-selling Capcom game, Monster Hunter: World, which has managed to shift an impressive 16.1m units in only a couple of years.

“Short but oh-so-sweetly sick, Resident Evil 7 rewrites the series formula to nerve-shredding success, with PSVR integration only adding to the immersion” wrote James in our review back in 2017. “Everything felt tight, satisfying and a welcome return to actual fear that has long been absent from the Resident Evil franchise.”

One of the surprise announcements back in June during the Playstation 5 reveal, was a trailer for the next instalment in the franchise, Resident Evil Village. We don’t know too much about Village, but it does look like it may be the longest game in the series if rumours are to be believed.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

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