Resident Evil 7 coming to Game Pass in September

Fresh off being announced as the highest-selling Resident Evil game ever, the seventh instalment is making its way to Xbox Game Pass for PC and console in September.

Resident Evil 7 saw the series move to a first-person perspective, after a couple of iterations of the franchise were more action-heavy rather than the horror routes of the original games. It will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and console on 3rd September.

That’s not the only game coming to Game Pass this month, with Crusader Kings III launching on the service on 1st September for PC users while Battletoads will hit Game Pass for console and PC tomorrow on 20th August. That’s not the only addition tomorrow either, with Crossing Souls and Darksiders: Genesis both hit Xbox Game Pass for PC. Don’t Starve: Giant Edition finishes off the list of games arriving on the 20th, with that one coming to PC and console tomorrow too.

Step back into the 90’s but with slightly better internet in Hypnospace Outlaw when it arrives on Game Pass on 27th August.

21st August sees platformer New Super Lucky’s Tale arrives for console and PC users, while on the 27th August the newly announced Hypnospace Outlaw and Tell Me Why: Chapter 1 will both arrive for console and PC.

Finally, on the 28th August Double Kick Heroes and Wasteland 3 will both arrive on console and PC for users of the service.

With new games arriving, be sure to check out of the list of games that will no longer be offered on Game Pass at the end of this month. Red Dead Redemption 2 (7th September) and Metro: Last Light Redux (31st August) are among those leaving the service.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

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