Reports suggest EA have canned ANOTHER Star Wars game

The long awaited open world Star Wars game that was being worked in at EA’s Vancouver studio has been canned according to a report on Kotaku. The game was announced at the time that EA pulled the plug the game being developed by Visceral and was thought to contain elements of that project.

While nothing has been confirmed as yet, we struggle to think of a studio that has failed so spectacularly to deliver a solid gaming experience from such a massive franchise. Yes, we’ve had a couple of Star Wars Battlefront games, and they’ve looked stunning. The first was hobbled by a lack of single player campaign while the second kicked off a massive row around loot boxes forcing EA to back down.

Other than that their other Star Wars projects have struggled to make it as far as home users and the focus has been entirely on multi-player experiences at the expense of providing a solid coherent and gripping single player narrative.

Is it time for Disney to look elsewhere for their AAA Star Wars game developers? It’s a franchise ripe for amazing gaming in every arena and in recent times almost all have been untapped. Star Wars games in the past have offered a huge range of top drawer experiences – flight simulation through the brilliant X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, the Jedi Knight and Dark Forces games have been amazing single player outings and the franchise has also delivered solid RTS gaming.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

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