Red Dead Redemption 2 – new Australian Classification hints at a possible PC release

Red Dead Redemption and its sequel have long been notable absences from PC gamers Steam library with neither being ported to the platform. While there have been rumours for years – both entirely fictitious and, especially in the case of Read Dead Redemption 2, based on the findings of data miners – that the games would eventually come to the PC but nothing ever materialised.

However, Red Dead Redemption 2, has stoked the fire once again with Rockstar submitting the game to the Australian Classification Board a second time. The game was famously originally refused classification in Australia before that decision was reversed so there’s no reason for the game to be put before the ABC’s eyes again unless it was set to appear on a new platform or there was a significant change in game content.

The potential for a new platform has set speculation running wild, but we should bare in mind that there are also hints that there may be some Zombie-related DLC released soon and if that happens it could be this new classification could be related to that.

IF the game is being ported to a new platform it’s also entirely possible that it could be being ported to the Switch, just as it’s possible it could be coming to PC. The additional findings of data miners discovering PC specific updates to the game – setting options and Direct X 12 support in particular – do lend weight to a Windows-powered version of the game being in the works.


Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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