Red Dead Online now has a bridge that yeets you into the sky; probably not intentional

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Red Dead Online now has a bridge that yeets you into the sky; probably not intentional

There is currently a bridge in Red Dead Online that is launching players into the sky. It is not an easy glitch to activate, involving a lot of specific conditions, but now that it has been discovered everyone wants in on the fun.

Free fast travel. from r/RedDeadOnline

Dedicated Redditors have been testing the limits of this current glitch, found on a bridge outside the McFarlane Ranch. I know Red Dead Online is notoriously under-supported in terms of content but this takes the cake. A glitch is currently captivating players more than whatever hunting event Rockstar are trying to pretend is as exciting as a heist in GTA Online.

One player even managed to get as far as Mexico, which is currently unreachable in the game.

With team work and the bridge glitch we managed to get my mate into Mexico and up onto the fort from r/RedDeadOnline

YouTuber OnlyPVPCat breaks down how to complete the glitch yourself.

Basically, head to Hannigan’s Stead, between McFarlane’s Ranch and Armadillo, where you will find a pair of bridges. The Southern bridge has a troubled spot at either end, three or four planks in, and throwing a knife or a tomahawk into that gap will make the bridge activate Big Yeetus mode.

YouTuber Silvermont experimented with taking their horse onto the cursed bridge, our featured image is taken from their video.

Red Dead Online has seen its share of weird glitches before, we compiled a few of the best ones earlier this year.

Given how many steps players need to go through for this glitch, maybe Rockstar can leave it in? It's clearly the most fun many Red Dead Online players have seen in months. Don't take this away from them, they suffer so much already.

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