Red Dead Online is utterly broken right now

Red Dead Online has always felt like the lesser option of Rockstar’s massive online experiences, GTA Online has the benefit of modern advances and GTA’s staple brand of insanity to do just about anything you can imagine, but the world of Red Dead Redemption is far more anchored in reality and the limitations of the era. But now, thanks to a series of unexpected glitches following their last patch, the world of Red Dead Online has lost its entire damn mind.

Players are discovering some truly mad stuff out there.

Levitating horses:

Invincible lizards:

I know Rockstar will fix it. Sometimes. Maybe. from r/RedDeadOnline

The Dancing Dead:

That scene from Magnolia but with alligators:

Randomly occurring trains:

Phantom horses:

Horse carriage destruction derbies:

This has been happening for 30 min now from r/RedDeadOnline

One of the more irritating glitches, one without any inherent comedy value, is the fact that many of the NPCs are now gone. Where’s the fun in an open-world game with no people to interact with? Here is an example of the usually booming Blackwater streets, completely deserted.

And then there’s The Bald Man. The one glitch that is occurring with multiple players. While many NPCs are indeed missing, this sinister-looking local is often found running in place, guns drawn.

Or stood completely motionless.

He’s already becoming a meme.

Who is this bald phantom, that haunts the west? from r/RedDeadOnline

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. Servers are proving to be a nightmare to get into, and glitches are occurring that actually rob players of hard-earned loot like legendary animal skins. Rockstar claims they are working on a fix and while I understand how frustrating this must be for regular players, I sincerely hope I find some time to get on Red Dead Online before they do because this sounds like my kind of bedlam.

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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

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