Ratchet and Clank will be a 'launch window' game for PS5 as Insomniac show off gameplay at Gamescom

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 5
Ratchet and Clank will be a 'launch window' game for PS5 as Insomniac show off gameplay at Gamescom

If there was one game during the PS5 reveal event that seemed to really showcase the capabilities of the new console, it was Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. The developer also confirmed that the title will be a 'launch window' game for the PS5, being careful not to give away any details about the release date for Sony's next-gen machine.

While the initial teaser we saw back in June gave us a glimpse at the rift-jumping gameplay, last night we got an extended look as well as a glimpse at Dr. Nefarious, the main antagonist in the series. Check out the gameplay below.

Of all the games we've seen so far, this is the only one which screams 'next-gen'.

The demo starts off with some fairly typical Ratchet and Clank third-person action, before an altercation with Dr. Nefarious introduces the titular mechanic introduced in this game - the rifts. Showcasing how Rachet can use the rifts to manipulate the environment around him, we got a look at just how seamless the transition is from one space to another.

Described as uncut gameplay running on the PS5 (have we seen any actual game footage running on an Xbox yet?), the demo looked sensational. The fluidity and lack of any load time between the different locations, something Marcus Smith from Insomniac put down to the speed of the SSD and the "raw horsepower" of the PS5.

Recently, developers have come out in praise of Sony's new controller, the Dualsense, and Game Director Mike Daly was no different. Players will be able to feel the energy from a pulse bomb fade away, thanks to the haptic feedback available in the Dualsense. We didn't get much on this, but considering Ratchet's arsenal of weapons, it sounds very exciting.

The demo ended just as the initial tease back in June did, with Clank being thrown through a rift only to meet a female Lombax, whose name Imsomniac would not confirm before the segment finished.

We won't hear the release date for this one until Sony announce when the PS5 is launching, but expect it at the same time or around Christmas 2020.

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