Rainbow Six: Siege reveals Sam Fisher gameplay and major game changes for Shadow Legacy update

The update video showcases Sam Fisher’s ‘Zero’ operator and all the new abilities and tech he brings to the siege. The Splinter Cell icon is bringing his ARGUS launcher into Rainbow Six, allowing him to fire projectile camera tech into surfaces (even unbreakable ones) to add further surveillance options to your game. The cameras will also fire one laser out to deal out minor damage to gadgets or even rival operators. 

As a fan of Rainbow Six: Siege who has sorely missed the Splinter Cell series, this is wonderful news and is sure to bring me back to the game full-time again.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, we have you covered.

The update will also bring some promising new game tweaks, promising to overhaul how Rainbow Six: Siege is played.

contextual pings will now be available


Ping 2.0 is a major reinvention of one of the game’s central mechanics. Since not everyone playing this game is going to be brave enough to venture into voice chat, pinging locations is essential for teams to know where points of interest can be found. The only problem with the old system was the pings did not differentiate between an enemy location or a mission objective, that will no longer be the case. Now pings are contextual, so you will immediately know when a barrier or enemy or objective have been discovered. Additionally, each player will ping a unique number so teams will know who is doing the pinging. I guess that can be helpful when a player is extremely bad and probably is not worth the risk of following.

the ACOG is getting a re-brand


Shadow Legacy will introduce new optics and reticle options. This provides players with new scopes that offer more levels of magnitude, along with new options on which operators have access to which optics. Additionally, your reticles can now be customised in different shapes and colours.



Previously, Rainbow Six defender teams were only given two barriers per operator to secure their objective rooms. This is fine if everyone is playing ball but this is online gaming and sometimes people will simply fail to understand the point of the game they are playing, run off and do their own thing. This means they take their precious, essential barricades with them and leave your objective vulnerable. Now, reinforcements will be pooled together. The entire time has access to the ten allocated barriers and that means anyone left guarding the room can finish off securing the entry points without running short.

For the attackers, they now have additional means of breaching secured rooms with a brand new breaching tool, it looks like it can make quite a dent.

As an extra change, Thatcher’s EMP grenade has been nerfed in some interesting ways. Now the grenade will no longer destroy gadgets on detonation, only disabling them temporarily, this creates an element of drama as attackers need to time their strikes perfectly before the gadgets reactivate. 

studying replays could help improve your game

Match Replay

 This feature will only be available on test servers for the time being but Match Replay looks set to add a whole new level of strategy to the Rainbow Six: Siege experience. Now you will be able to rewatch any of your last twelve matches from an isometric spectator camera or via the POV of any player. This will allow you to carefully study enemy tactics, holes in your own game, or just relive a well-executed round. This is a brilliant feature and I can’t wait to see it roll out to all players.

get the hell out of my sight, Bartlett!

 Map Ban

Map Ban will be added to ranked and unranked playlists that let you vote on which maps you would rather avoid in your upcoming playlist, hopefully cultivating a better experience for everyone involved.

these are new walls, I don’t have a funny caption for that

Chalet Map 

The Chalet map has seen a refurbish, providing new points of entry, new defensive opportunities, and new obstacles for both teams. This is one of the most popular maps in the game, at least in terms of how often it appears in a playlist, which means it is so well known that everyone playing knows all the tricks. This rework will freshen things up and make players have to learn all new tactics.

The updates will be free to all players whereas Sam Fisher’s Zero will come as part of the Year 5 pass initially before becoming available to buy separately in-game with renown or R6 points, seven days later.

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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

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