Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist revealed, plus the Year 6 road map detailed

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Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist revealed, plus the Year 6 road map detailed

Ubisoft has revealed their Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 roadmap, including plenty of details on the upcoming Crimson Heist season.

A few Year 5 upgrades came in the form of Match Replay, sight colour customisation, six new operators, a reworked Tachanka operator, reworked maps, and more. Year 6 will be starting with Crimson Heist, which introduces the new Operator named Flores and a rework of the Border map.

Crimson Heist

In Crimson Heist, players will have access to Flores, an attacker based out of Argentina. Flores comes equipped with an AR33 or SR-25 as his primary and a GSH-18 as his secondary weapon.

His unique skill is a new gadget, an RCE, a remote-controlled explosive (nicknamed Ratero Charge), a modified drone equipped with explosives. Flores can deploy the RCE and steer it through the map for a limited period and, at the end of the timer (or earlier if Flores chooses to activate), the device will arm itself. Once armed, the RCE anchors itself onto whatever surface it's touching, becomes bulletproof, and triggers a short fuse timer leading to an explosion powerful enough to destroy some defensive devices and barricades (but not reinforced walls) or kill someone instantly.

A fun thing to note about the RCE's anchoring mechanism is that it will anchor to the last surface it touches, so a well-timed jump can have the device anchor into a wall near defensive gadgets or to help punch a hole through an unsecured wall.

In addition to Flores, players will have a reworked Border map, which comes with an interior balcony connecting the east staircase to the break room, and the bathroom extended to be connected to the tellers. Players will find new challenges on the Border map as some entry points are blocked off. The number of destructible walls has been reduced, and there is an additional outside staircase (which defenders might decide to use to pick you off on approach if they are feeling brave).

A new secondary gadget is planned for Year 6, called the Gonne-6, a one-shot explosive that can destroy defensive devices. The Gonne-6 will initially be available in the Crimson Heist test server for operators; Glaz, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Gridlock, Amaru, Iana and Zero.

As hinted at in past updates, Match Replay Beta and Streamer Mode will be implemented in the Crimson Heist Test Server. This is unavailable for console owner.

Year 6 Roadmap

Season 2 of Year 6 will introduce an Operator from the Nakoda Nations and a rework of the Favela map. Season 3 will apparently have multiple Operators from Croatia. Three maps will receive slight reworks. The last Operator of the Year 6 will be from Ireland and comes with a rework of the Outback map.

Gameplay updates coming to Year 6

The Reputation System has already been shadow tested in the previous season, so it was operating in the background without any players being aware of it. This system is designed to encourage positive behaviour within the game, rewarding players with a positive impact on the game with in-game content and punishing toxic players by limiting their access to the ranked playlist. The Reputation System will launch in full in Year 6, so players can track their progress and encourage them to improve their own behaviour.

Streamer mode will allow content creators to customise how the game is presented for their audience. They will be able to hide their ID, region and ping, hide everyone else in the match with them, include a hidden matchmaking delay, hide their clearance level and profile image. Hopefully, this will help prevent stream snipers or trolls trying to get into a well-publicised Siege stream to cause trouble. The first version of this tool will be available in the Crimson Heist Test Server.

Players will now be able to control cameras and gadgets after death, allowing more options for the support phase in a game, so even dead players can contribute something meaningful to a match's flow. This feature is planned to release later in Year 6.

To better balance Attack and Defense, Attackers will now be able to change their Operators and load-outs as many times as they want in the preparation phase, making scouting even more tactical and offering many new tactical possibilities. This feature is planned to release later in Year 6.

Finally, Armour will now be incorporated into Health, so players can better track how much damage they can take.

Quality of Life changes

DDoS attacks (which are said to be down by 90% during Year 5) will continue to be a focus for the developers. The devs are working to reduce matchmaking times and to improve server stability. The team is working to reduce the game size going forward; the hope is that the results of this will be noticeable over Year 6.


Year 6 will introduce more customisation options. Players will be able to adapt elite skins and add other gear to their outfit.

Spooky skins

Ubisoft has also announced a partnership with Capcom to help celebrate Resident Evil's 25th Anniversary.

A Jill Valentine Elite skin will be available for Zofia, with an additional Resident Evil x Rainbow Six Siege skin coming sometime in Year 6.

Ubisoft is also teaming up with Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura, best known for her work on The Evil Within, to design a series of new skins, starting with Echo and Dokkaebi releasing on 2nd March.

And that's everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist and Year 6. I am sure I will see you out there, accidentally blowing myself up with a drone.

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