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Quizball Goal - Arcade Quiz Football Game Trailer

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 3

This is exactly what it says on the tin - a new trailer for the fabulously exciting Quizball Goal (if you're a fan of quizzes at all), an arcade football quiz game coming early in the new year to PSN. It should allow for the saving of pound coins as you play this instead of all those quiz machines in the pub. It does include some actual playing of football, too. We'll have more details for you in 2012!

Neither the traditional action-simulation nor management game, Quizball Goal is a completely different take on the football genre; an arcade quiz football game where you control a team during matches against either a human or computer controlled opponent and where success is dependent on your football knowledge, strategic wit, and reactions (as well as a bit of luck). Lead your team to victory on the pitch by answering football related questions for each pass, tackle or shot you attempt. Answer correctly and you succeed, answer the questions incorrectly and your passes will go astray, your shots will miss the target and your tackles on the opponent player will fail.

There're a variety of features included as detailed below:

Two single player game modes; World Cup and Quick Match
Four multi-player game modes for two players; Quick Match, Online, Quiz Match and Cup
Unlockable items, Trophies and online leaderboards
Team selection determines the category of questions players receive
Timing of in-game actions such as passing, shooting or tackling determines the difficulty of question players receive
Action Power Ups for use on your own team or your opponents’ during matches
Quiz Power Ups for use when answering questions

So please take a look at the trailer:

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