PS4 Production Ceases to Make Way For PS5

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PS4 Production Ceases to Make Way For PS5

In an absolutely shocking move surprising no one, Sony will not be manufacturing all models of PS4 until the end of time. In fact, they've just cut the lives of every PS4 model save the 500GB PS4 Slim model. Any other PS4's still out in the wild now have an official countdown on their life from Sony.

Spotted first by website Gematsu, a Japanese retailer tweeted that multiple PS4 models were not to be restocked due to manufacturer ending production. The news later followed from Sony that they had indeed ceased production of not just a few, but all of them save the 500GB.

This decision was of course bound to come. It's still almost impossible to find a PS5 out in the wild, and a quick way to help fix stock issues is to make more of the thing you're having trouble stock. Hopefully, with all these lines now clear, we'll see more "in stock" notices from retailers more commonly throughout the year.

The decision also widens the gap between what will be available for those looking to buy a PlayStation console. Either a base slim PS4 with only 500GB (less than that after the OS) or a shiny new PS5 definitely limits your options as a buyer. Also with more PS5's out in the wild, scalpers will continue to lose interest and focus on whatever the next big thing is.

All together this just helps to bolster PS5 sales and further move people over from the last generation to the new one. It won't be long now till we're all saying a final goodbye to the PS4.

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