Project Scarlett - Physical discs supported, 4 times more powerful, 40 times faster loading and launching in 2020

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox Series X

"The Biggest Generational Leap Yet"

Microsoft have officially announced Project Scarlett - the next generation Xbox Console that brings performance four times greater than the Xbox One X and with SSD storage that offers loading times 40 times faster than the current console generation.

During the presentation at E3 it was suggested that the console would be able to offer 8K visuals with frame rates hitting 120fps. The console is powerful enough to support real-time raytracing to give the most realistic lighting effects possible.

One of the biggest benefits all this power and lightning fast loading will bring will be seamless transitions between areas - with almost no need for loading screens as new assets and areas are loaded in. The SSD is fast enough to be used as virtual RAM providing scope for higher textures and even more detail

With a custom Navi 2 processor from AMD and DDR6 RAM, the new console will also leverage the power of Microsoft's xCloud platform to deliver a transformative Xbox experience.

There's good news for fans of physical media too - Project Scarlett won't be ditching the disc drive. Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview with saying "I want to give people choice, and right now physical is a choice that millions of people love."

Project Scarlett has been confirmed for a Christmas 2020 launch. We'll bring you all of the news on the new console as its released - including it's final name when it eventually has one; and given Microsoft's somewhat haphazard numerical naming conventions it's really anyone's guess as to what this one might be called.

The console will debut alongside the next game in the Halo series - Halo Infinite. The first trailer for which can be seen below...

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