Project 007 will be a big departure from Hitman for IO Interactive

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Project 007 will be a big departure from Hitman for IO Interactive

Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive has divulged some new information on their upcoming James Bond game, Project 007.

In a most un-00 manner, the information was revealed in a public job listing on the developer's careers portal.

IO Interactive is currently looking for a writer to help produce "character-driven scenes with substantial dialogue."

This is already a departure from the Hitman series, which is relatively sparing in its use of dialogue-driven scenes. It seems like Project 007 is going to make full use of its iconic protagonist and ensuring he gets plenty of moments to verbally spar with other characters.

The job listing also seeks applicants who can write "complex storylines and in-game subplots […] tied to larger story goals [….] lead the player down a story path," as well as "compelling in-game dialogue."

This is another notable departure from Hitman, which offered a more open-ended approach to level design. Understandably, given the more story-driven, set-piece focused action of a Bond story, it seems like Project 007 will be more linear.

We already know the game also intends to be a different kind of Bond game, rather than being "violence for the sake of violence," according to IO Interactive studio director Hakan Abrak.

It is worth noting that, given that they are still hiring writing talent, it is highly likely Project 007 is still some ways in the future. It is unlikely we will hear much more substantial on the subject until IO Interactive gets around to giving the title an actual name.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy the excellent Hitman 3, which has started receiving the first of its post-launch content in the form of new Escalations and an upcoming Elusive Target mission.

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