Prince of Persia remake rumoured after retailer leak

Ubisoft appear to be developing a Prince of Persia remake, if recent retailer leaks are to be believed.

Games journalist Jason Schreier spotted the leak from a Guatemalan retailer.

The systems spotted in the listing were PS4 and the Nintendo Switch but no further information seems available. It is hard to tell what game or games will be covered in this remake but fans are surely praying for a Sands Of Time remake, over the solid but far less interesting reboot that arrived in 2008. The artwork provided with the listing seems to lean more towards it being tied to the Sands of Time canon.

PS4 and Switch are listed, although other systems are sure to be involved

Ubisoft has very little luck when it comes to making big announcements. Everyone and their mother knew about Far Cry 6 before they could announce it themselves, it stands to reason that a major Prince of Persia reveal would similarly get botched thanks to overeager retailers.

We will surely know more about this soon, as Ubisoft rush to get ahead of the story before any more leaks can happen.

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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

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