Prime Gaming for March includes more Fall Guys, adds Bomber Crew to free games

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Prime Gaming for March includes more Fall Guys, adds Bomber Crew to free games

A new month brings new content for Prime Gaming, with the ongoing collaboration with Fall Guys is continuing, along with more games to add to your collection.

During last week's Nintendo Direct, we found out that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is on its way to the Switch in the summer, and the game continues to receive Prime Gaming content, with the latest drop available now. This month players can pick up the MVP bundle containing the MVP costume and three crowns to spend how they wish.

I don't know why but I'm just thinking of dodgeball. Dodgebean?

Away from in-game content, March also brings five new games for Prime members to add to their ever-growing library.

Bomber Crew Deluxe is part strategic-simulation, part crew management game, as you try to complete missions while keeping your plane in the air. If flying warplanes isn't for you - and hey, not all of us are esteemed pilots - you can join a different kind of crew in Boomerang Fu. Grill, chill and spill your enemies in a frantic physics party game.

Players can pick up an Epic Wildcard on 9th March, for the 3rd Legends of Runetera drop.

In Blasphemous, you can explore, upgrade your abilities, and perform savage executions on hordes of enemies in your quest to break eternal damnation. Or you can try your hand at sky-racing in SkyDrift, where you can test both your flying and combat skills against some deadly opponents.

Completing the lineup of free games this month is Tengami, an atmospheric adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Flip, fold, slide and pull parts of the world to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

There are 3 mystery Skin Shards available this month for League of Legends' players, coming on 8th, 18th and 29th March.

Drop 3 for FIFA 21 includes: 1x 81+ OVR Player Pick item and 4x Rare
Gold Player items and is available from 22nd March. For those of you who think a football is something that you throw (it isn't, by the way), Madden NFL 21 players can optimise their team with the Prime Gaming Pack, which features some MUT Heroes this month on 8th March.

Maybe you don't like any kind of football and just like to play games to play out your fantasy as a criminal. In which case, you're definitely playing GTA Online, and you'll appreciate the Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station, along with $1,000,000 to spend in-game. If the life of crime isn't for you and you prefer to shoot stuff up in Apex Legends, then this month, you can do it while flossing the Octane skin when it drops on 10th March.

If you haven't claimed SNK classics like Shock Troopers, Metal Slug 2, or The King of Fighters 2000, you will have to do so before 31st March, when they leave Prime Gaming.

There's also content dropping throughout the month for Star Wars Squadrons, MapleStoryM, Destiny 2, World of Tanks and Rainbow Six Siege.

If you haven't picked up any of the games or content offered for February - and you really should check it out, if only to pick up the thoroughly wonderful Monster Prom - don't miss out. What more do you want than a multiplayer dating-sim involving a cast of colourful monsters in a high-school?

As always, all you need to do is head over to Prime Gaming and sign in to your Prime account.

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