Pokémon Masters is coming summer 2019 - features 3-on-3 real-time battles on a brand new island

Platforms: Android | iOS
Pokémon Masters is coming summer 2019 - features 3-on-3 real-time battles on a brand new island

DeNA, alongside The Pokémon Company, has revealed more information regarding their upcoming iOS and Android game, Pokémon Masters. The latest reveal details a brand new island, the sync pair battle system, and the 3-on-3 real-time battles.

Check out this 8-minute info-drop trailer, which shows off the new island and some rather pretty gameplay at the 5:50 mark.

Pokémon Masters introduces a brand new island, called Pasio, which players will explore and meet Trainers from every region in the franchise, all while progressing through the story.

Apparently, the rules of battle are switched up on Pasio, which brings us to the idea of sync pairs. Sync pairs are the combination of a Trainer and their partner Pokémon. There will be 65 recruitable sync pairs in Pokémon Masters (with more sync pairs to follow after launch), some examples of those pairs that the player can battle with are Korrina and Lucario, Brendan and Treecko, and Clair and Kingdra.

Players will, through exploring Pasio and making friends with Trainers, be able to form a team of three sync pairs, which they can take into battle against AI opponents in an effort to become champion of the Pokémon Masters League.

These battles see the player controlling the squad of sync pairs in real-time, seemingly ditching the classic turn-based battling of mainline Pokémon titles. During battle players will also be able to order Trainers to use certain moves and healing items. Sync pairs can also team up to unleash more powerful attacks called sync moves.

The best sync pair.

The tactical element of Pokémon is not all lost however, as players will have a move gauge (which refills over time) that they will need to keep an eye on, as timing will be crucial if you are to become champion.

That's all the latest news on Pokémon Masters, which is hitting iOS and Android for free this summer. Obviously, in-app purchases will be highly encouraged.

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