Pokémon Go wants you to stay at home

For most gamers, a nationwide lockdown will not impact their hobby too much, this is a past time that actually demands you stay indoors for long stretches of time, but one popular title that is reliant on a healthy relationship with the outdoors is Pokémon Go.

The augmented reality pocket monster smash would have taken a massive hit during the coronavirus lockdown considering the user base is only allowed one period of exercise outdoors a day, if that, so developer Niantic has made some vital modifications to the game so fans can still enjoy the game without violating any stay-at-home orders or risking your health.

Already implemented into the game is an increase in habitats so players are more likely to find Pokémon spawns while at home, which can be boosted further with the use of incense packs that are now sold at a discount of 99% and are set to last a full hour. 

Additionally, any Pokéstops that you have access to, either in close proximity to your home or found on your allowed one walk/run/cycle a day now drop gifts at a far higher frequency, removing your need to go back during the day. Incubators, which count the number of steps a player had made before hatching your adorable monster egg, now hatch twice as fast as before.

The next big update from Niantic will be a new remote raid system that allows players to gather digitally to perform their raids, removing the need for any dangerous large gatherings. These will be accessible via a Remote Raid Pass, which will be sold for 100 pokécoins each, although a one-time bundle will be available for a single coin, just to give you a taste of what the new system is like. The raids will be limited to twenty players a raid.

Other future Pokémon Go updates will include your Pokémon buddy bringing you gifts and a bonus Field Research task every day, without the need to visit a Pokéstop.

It is good to see a developer doing everything they can to accommodate players in these strange, scary times so Pokémon trainers of the world can continue to catch them all.

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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

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