PlayStation's Dual Shock 4 Controller Getting Back Button Attachment

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4
PlayStation's Dual Shock 4 Controller Getting Back Button Attachment

We have had quite an unusual announcement today, PlayStation has announced a back button add-on for the DualShock 4 controller early next year. Revealed today on PlayStations official Twitter account, this inexpensive hardware add-on will add two buttons to the rear of the iconic PlayStation controller.

It is certainly a strange announcement, which leads us to believe that this may be something that ships out of the box on PlayStations next-gen PS5 controller. It does seem a little late in the hardware lifecycle to be adding new features. We can only hope this feature is included on the Dual Shock 5 and using this device, the Dual Shock 4 may be compatible, in some form, with the PlayStation 5.

In the trailer above it does seem to be a well-built piece of kit that has multiple programmable functions. The device attaches easily to any Dual Shock 4 controller and still enables you to use the ports underneath, good for players who plug headphones into their controllers directly.

The new device gives you two programmable paddles on the rear of the Dual Shock that can be programmed with 16 different features. The device also has a small OLED screen to keep track of your current assigned profile and button assignment.

This seems to be a cheap addition to bring the Dual Shock 4 into line with the Elite versions of controllers hitting the market in the last year or so. These controllers have these rear paddles and users reactions to using them have been mostly positive. It does seem like a good move from PlayStation to offer this same functionality at a largely reduced price.

We're hoping to get a closer look at the new attachment soon.

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