PlayStation will let everyone change their PSN Online ID from tomorrow

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PlayStation will let everyone change their PSN Online ID from tomorrow

PlayStation has announced that, starting tomorrow, all PlayStation 4 owners will be able to change their PlayStation Network online ID.

In a press release, the PlayStation Blog stated that all PS4 owners will be able to take advantage of the online ID change feature via a web browser or directly from the PS4 from tomorrow, April 11th.

The PSN online ID change feature released in a beta preview program in October/November 2018 for a select number of users. Since then, the long-awaited feature has not been mentioned by PlayStation, until today.

Changing your PSN online ID will be free the very first time it is changed. Changes beyond that will cost £7.99. For PlayStation Plus members, the subsequent changes will cost £3.99.

The issue of PSN name changes has been a heavily requested feature since online ID's were introduced over a decade ago with the launch of the PlayStation 3. Many players may have chosen embarrassing, regretful names when they were much younger, but have not been able to change their ID until now. Xbox Live was introduced with the feature already buillt in and Xbox players have been freely changing their names, for a price, since the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005.

Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios weighed in on Twitter, apologising for the feature taking so long to implement.

The press release covers a lot of information about the name change feature, I would recommend reading through the Q&A here before making use of the feature. The Q&A covers reverting back to your old name, how name searching works, price, compatible games, and any issues players may run into after changing their PSN online ID. Essential reading for those of you looking to change the name you made when you were 11 years old.

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