PlayStation icons to get the Funko POP! treatment

Funko POPS! are a phenomenon that you either love or hate, there is scarcely a middle ground for these adorable bobble-headed buggers (I own many Marvel ones) and it is almost a cultural rites of passage for your IP to get the Funko treatment.

Few current cultural institutions deserve this more than the PlayStation, an industry conquering line of systems that have provided gaming with some of its most iconic moments and characters, so it is frankly about time they became immortalised in misshapen vinyl.

The four new PlayStation sets highlight a broad range of titles and genres. We have the adorable twosome of a Ratchet and Clank, the equally adorable two-some of Sam Bridges and BB from Death Stranding, the decidedly less adorable Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, and everyone’s favourite (or second favourite) Playstation dad, Joel Miller from The Last of Us.

These sets are currently pre-order exclusives for GameStop and I could not find a UK equivalent offer so fans outside of North America may need to scour eBay and brace themselves for some price gouging to add these awesome figures to their collection.

andrewshaw andrewshaw

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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