PlayStation 5 will only have 664GB of available storage at launch

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PlayStation 5 will only have 664GB of available storage at launch

Last week we learned that the Xbox Series X would make around 800GB of the available SSD space accessible to users - with 200GB or thereabouts reserved for the Operating System and future updates. Additional 1TB cards are going to be available but at £220 per terabyte they won't be cheap.

Now we have word that the PlayStation 5 will have even less space available to end users. With the Sony console shipping with a faster custom drive that only has 825GB available before the OS is taken into account, it's been pretty clear for a while that it would struggle to offer quite as much space as the Xbox Series X - and now we have a better idea of just how much/little is available thanks to a supposed leak posted over on Resetera.

According to the photo above, which we have no reason to believe has been faked, the PS5 OS reserves 161GB of space - meaning end users will have just 664GB of storage left to store their games - and with major titles coming in at launch at around 50-60GB that means there isn't a lot of breathing space. Couple this with the fact that there'll be no additional storage options available to buy at launch and this could be a problem for anyone who has the money to spend buying up a lot of titles at launch.

Astro's Playroom - which comes pre-installed on PlayStation 5 consoles - is a comparatively small 2.38GB in size, but we know that Demon's Souls will be a much heftier 66GB in total.

That's not forgetting that some PS4 releases - which the PS5 will be able to play via backwards compatibility - are currently weighing in at over 100GB. The sooner Sony provide further storage options the better, but we don't expect any upgrades to be cheap.

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