Planet Alpha looks like the perfect mashup of No Man's Sky visuals and quality platform gameplay

Platforms: PC | Nintendo Switch | Sony PlayStation 4 | Microsoft Xbox One

We're loving the look of Planet Alpha which is arriving on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch later this year. Check out the new trailer above.

Planet Alpha appears to blend the kind of visuals we've seen in No Man's Sky at its most trippy with buttery smooth platformer gameplay - it looks to our eyes like the perfect mix.

Team17, a global games label, creative partner and developer of independent, premium video games and Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar of Planet Alpha ApS game studio today revealed a new trailer for the forthcoming mysterious, beautiful platform adventure game PLANET ALPHA.

The newly released trailer takes a look at the atmospheric and enigmatic alien word you’ll explore as well as showcasing some of the strange, creative and intriguing puzzle elements of the game. The puzzle elements marry together with engaging fast paced side-scrolling platforming sections, stealth mechanics and environment manipulation within a unique and beautiful art style to create an unforgettable experience.

You awake on a strange alien world that is home to many mystical, exotic flora and fauna. As you explore the world around you, you'll uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet. Is this world really as tranquil and serene as it first appears and what more will you discover?

PLANET ALPHA is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC in 2018.


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