Permadeath coming to The Last of Us Part II

It appears that Naughty Dog will be adding two new difficulty modes to The Last of Us Part II in the near future, following an update to the trophy list for the game. Spotted by Twitter user Powerpyx, two new trophies have been added to the game, referencing a ‘Permadeath ‘ and a ‘Grounded’ difficulty setting.

From series that have always had permadeath like Fire Emblem to newer indie titles like Hollow Knight, the option to play through with just a solitary life is a welcome addition to the game, especially for hardcore players who want more of a challenge. Players of the first Last of Us game will be familiar with the Grounded difficulty, as it was added to the first game post release. Towards the higher difficulty end of the spectrum, you can expect more enemy damage, a reduced HUD and a general lack of supplies around the world.

You Can’t Stop This – The two new trophies added to the game.

Among the countless positive reviews of the game, one of the things that Naughty Dog have been praised for are the accessibility options in the game – this is very much a game for everyone. While the able-bodied among us might have skipped over a lot of these options and opted for the preset settings, the care and attention that went into providing the extra options has set a standard for AAA games going forward.

Our Gaming Editor Andrew called it “Naughty Dog’s bravest, darkest masterpiece to date and one of the greatest games of this generation.” You can find our review here.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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