Owlboy coming to retail on PS4 and Switch in May

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | Nintendo Switch | Microsoft Xbox One

Top platformer Owlboy is hitting retail on both Nintendo Switch and PS4 on 29th May. Already a PC hit, the game was a long time in the making and blends beautiful pixel art with a rock solid gameplay experience.

Owlboy tells the touching story of owl misfit Otus, a feathery little fellow struggling to live the owl life. Fate strikes when Otus’ beautiful homeland is invaded by a horde of malicious sky pirates. Otus embarks on a fascinating journey through seemingly endless skies and mysterious, monster infested ruins. He must recruit his friends to employ their special puzzling- and combat skills, fight his foes and fly his way to safety.

The game was 10 years in the making and received rave reviews upon its PC release. The game will be available to download on the Nintendo Switch from 13th February and an Xbox One version has been announced alongside the other console releases but no date is currently confirmed.

Check out the trailer above and also the 4K screen grabs below for a taster...


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