Overwatch 2 rumoured for February 2021 launch

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Overwatch 2 rumoured for February 2021 launch

The hotly anticipated Overwatch 2 may finally be dropping next February if a recent leak is accurate.

Streamer Metro, who has a reliable track record on Overwatch predictions, suggests the next season of Overwatch League may be getting delayed until April to make room for an Overwatch 2 launch. This could be either a beta or a full release but it is looking likely that such a reveal could happen at Blizzcon 2021 in February.

This holds some credibility as PlayStation Brazil accidentally tweeted that Overwatch 2 was coming in 2020, in time for Blizzcon 2020, right before the pandemic hit and forced Blizzard to push their 2020 con back to an all-digital event in February. If Blizzard planned to announce the sequel’s launch at the convention, it is feasible that the launch date could have been pushed back to coincide with the rescheduled event. This would also help accommodate the change to a safer, but much slower, remote work system by the developers.

As the next generation is just around the corner, now seems like a good time for Overwatch fans to start getting excited about the future because, one way or another, an announcement is sure to happen soon.

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