OpenCritic to highlight games that feature loot boxes

Review aggregation website OpenCritic have announced that they have started highlighting loot boxes on games that feature them.

In a statement released today, OpenCritic said “The OpenCritic team believes that loot boxes are a net-negative for the video game industry. Loot boxes prey on human’s generally poor ability to accurately understand and internalize probabilities, especially at the extremes. Rather than offer in-game items directly, loot boxes are used to mask the underlying cost of extremely attractive items.”

The loot box warning – as seen here on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 page on OpenCritic

How does OpenCritic decide what is and isn’t a loot box?

OpenCritic looks at the following for determining whether a game uses loot boxes:

  • Unknown, Random Rewards. Users do not know what item they’ll receive prior to purchase. Instead, users are purchasing a chance to receive one item from a set of items.
  • Monetized. Users are able to purchase the roll with real money, either directly or through an intermediary currency.
  • Encouraged Use. Users are encouraged to acquire and consume the loot box during the course of normal gameplay or game systems.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 05, 2019

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