Call for the NSPCC and O2 to use official PEGI ratings and logos

There’s no arguing that ratings are a useful guide to parents who want to ensure they children are playing age-appropriate games – and the PEGI system that is currently in use in the UK has achieved a great balance of awareness and information with their rating system.

Unfortunately it’s not as widely adopted as it could be and while games feature the rating other bodies sometimes use their own ratings and ‘expert’ descriptions of key features. One such group are the NSPCC – the UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children – who currently provide a breakdown of possible issues alongside an appropriate rating that isn’t aways in line with the official PEGI one despite being listed as official on the NSPCC website.

There are now calls for the NSPCC to adopt the PEGI rating system as this is the one that parents and gamers know best and is a pan-Europe official ratings organisation.

Gaming journalist Andy Robertson sent out a call to the NSPCC and O2 last night on Twitter saying “Hi @NSPCC @O2 could you use official @PEGI ratings and descriptors on your great #NetAware information. Your circular ones look like BBFC ratings so are confusing (particularly as they say official). Also, as your list of risks differs to PEGI could you link your expert sources.”

Ensuring transparency of sources when establishing ratings systems is important.

He added “I think it’s important to support the official PEGI ratings and use those logos as much as possible. Worth highlighting. Although I’m sure @NSPCC and @O2 will fix.”

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: May 29, 2020

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