No Man's Sky Next is pretty much the game we always wanted - it looks genuinely beautiful

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | PC | Sony PlayStation 4

OK, this looks the business. Remember when we saw all of those early trailers for No Man's Sky - the game that looked set to be a Playstation 4 system seller? Then the game arrived and while it was a technical masterpiece with its procedural generation and massive universe, it failed to impress hardcore gamers.

Well, No Man's Sky Next - the free DLC coming to PC and Playstation 4 AND launching with the game on the Xbox One next week - looks set to finally deliver on those promises with a new third person view, PROPER multiplayer (take a look at all those people in the video!), mechs, a robot dog and a fresh lick of paint.

This game has always been pretty, but the update looks downright beautiful with more detailed graphics and textures almost everywhere.

Hello Games may have had plenty of criticism back when the game initially hit, but they deserve only praise now having stuck with the game and allowed it to develop into what looks set to be one of the generations defining experiences.

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