No Man's Sky is getting a Next Generation update - and it looks so, so pretty

Platforms: PC | Sony PlayStation 4 | Sony PSVR | Sony PlayStation 5 | Microsoft Xbox One | Microsoft Xbox Series X | Windows Phone 8

The continual iteration that is the wonderful No Man's Sky shows no sign of stopping with a new update announced today that will make the game take full advantage of next generation platforms.

The 'Next Generation Update' will offer solid 4K 60fps gameplay along with faster loading time - up to TEN TIMES faster than the current generation - more detailed worlds, better shadows, 32 player multiplayer, improved volumetrics, crossplay and haptic controls.

And, even better, it won't cost you a penny. Saves will be transferable between the current and next generation editions of the game so you won't lose your existing progress.

According to Hello Games the update will be available when the new consoles launch so our money is on 10th November for Xbox Series X and 12th November for PS5.

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