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Nintendo Wii U launches 30th November in UK

Platforms: Nintendo Wii-U

Nintendo today announced the details surrounding the UK launch of their new console, the Wii U.


There will be two hardware pack options on launch day, which is 30th November this year - after the US but before Japan get hold of the fancy new machine. These two options will comprise:

1) Basic Pack: White Wii U with 8GB internal storage and one Wii U gamepad
2) Premium Pack: Black Wii U with 32GB internal storage, one Wii U gamepad, a stand, a gamepad charging cradle, sensor bar and Nintendo Land software. Also included is a reward programme called Nintendo Network Premium that grants points for purchases in the eShop (equating to ~10% of price).

Both packs come with the HDMI cable and power adapters you'd obviously need to actually use the things. All Wii peripherals (nearly) are backwards compatible, as are most games. This includes Wiimotes and the Wiifit thingy.

The launch line-up is very strong and includes New Super Mario Bros. U, Fifa 13, Call of Duty II: Black Ops, ZombiU, Rayman Legends and Nintendo Land. In the launch window (how long is that we wonder?) Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are stand-outs.

No RRP for the UK but indications are that it will be about £210 and £250 for the basic and premium packs respectively.

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